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Short-term Assignments Survey highlights: managing the challenges and reaping the rewards

Short-term assignments enable companies to achieve a wide range of their global mobility (GM) aims and, in particular, they remain a crucial way of moving the right talent to work on temporary projects. Although their prevalence dwindled during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are signs that these moves are recovering. ECA’s Short-term Assignments Survey showed that most companies expect a rise in the number of short-term assignees they manage in the next three years.

Relocating an employee for a short period can be expensive, with allowances and expenses typically paid on top of the usual salary, as well as relocation costs. At the same time, overseas moves of less than a year can produce significant taxation and immigration issues that need to be navigated. It is no surprise that compliance and cost management remain the two biggest challenges faced by GM teams managing short-term assignments. The survey found that companies appear to be confronting these challenges by increasing their oversight, with more now tracking their assignees, running cost estimates and implementing formal processes for managing exceptions to their policy.

The infographic below shows highlights from the survey, which covers the latest trends in how companies manage, pay and track their short-term assignees.


ECA's Short-term Assignments Survey looks at how leading global organisations pay, manage and track their employees on short-term assignments. Find out more, and purchase the results, on our website.

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