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Your favourite ECA blog posts of 2021

What have you and your fellow global mobility professionals been reading about this year? We have compiled a list of the most popular ECA blog posts of 2021 and it’s given us an insight into which issues were at the forefront of your minds this year, as well as further illustrating the multidisciplinary nature of global mobility. 

The Covid-19 pandemic and vaccine rollout were understandably the major talking points this year, lifting to prominence related issues such as remote working and the multitude of compliance issues that can arise from staff working remotely from a different country. Furthermore, the impact of Covid-19 on location ratings and location allowances for international staff also proved to be a popular topic.

However, we also saw interest in subjects such as assignment management software, cost of living and salary benchmarking – proving that some overarching themes within global mobility have not changed, and that certain topics will always be of interest and importance to mobility and HR professionals, no matter what else is happening in the world. 

We will continue to update you on the most important issues affecting global mobility throughout 2022 and beyond. To stay informed of the latest developments, sign up to our blog on the right of this page and make sure you have signed up to receive communications from us in the account settings area of MyECA.

International remote working

1. What is international remote working?

In our popular international remote working series, we covered all of the questions that GM professionals would need to know about one of the key concepts of the past 12 months. We looked at salary considerations, immigration and labour law, as well as the tax and social security risks that are associated with remote working. In this, the first post of the series, we outline the overall concept of international remote working, and the different ways in which it can be utilised.

Economic Employer concept

2. The growth of the ‘economic employer’ concept

In this guest article from our partners at Global Tracker, we look at the economic employer approach and the different issues that it can cause for assignees.

Cost of living highlights

3. Benchmarking basics – how to keep your expatriate packages competitive

How can your organisation get the most out of benchmarking? Using the latest salary data from ECA’s MyExpatriate Market Pay Reports, we take a look at the main things to consider.

4. Choosing the right assignment management system for your organisation

The world of global mobility continues to grow in both scope and complexity. To help you find the best way to manage your GM programme, we discussed the importance of choosing the right assignment management system in one of our latest posts.

Posted workers amendment directive

5. Location Ratings and Covid-19

Find out how the global Covid-19 vaccination rollout affected ECA's latest location ratings and what the changes mean for location allowances for assignees.

6. Mobility Basics - Cost of living indices

In our most popular Mobility Basics post of 2021, we take a look at cost of living indices and the important role they play when preparing an international assignment.

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