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Mastering short-term assignments: elevate your skills with our new online course!

You ask, we deliver!

Two years ago we launched our first online training course – Principles of Global Mobility – which enables participants to learn about the wonderful world of Global Mobility, at their own pace and in their preferred environment.

Incredibly popular and well-received, many of you have been asking for more. We’ve heard you – enter the room, our new Short-term Assignments course!

What is it?

In short, this training course will take you through the various principles relating to short-term international assignments (STA) – covering in detail all aspects of compensation and benefits, tax governance, and immigration and payroll considerations.

It’s an online course featuring five modules to complete in your own time, packed with information and incorporating interactive activities for an engaging learning experience. Depending on your existing knowledge and how much you reference supporting resources, in one sitting it would take around two to three hours to work through the content.

Why is it beneficial?

Because you will gain the practical knowledge you need to structure short-term assignment packages confidently and deliver them in a compliant manner.

Organisations send employees abroad for various reasons and durations. Short-term assignments may serve as the company’s initial exposure to global mobility. They are also increasingly crucial to the global mobility frameworks of many, evolving to become an essential means of moving talent internationally for a wide range of purposes.

However, short-term assignments have many tricky nuances and can present a host of challenges for both the company and employee. Our new course is now here to help you deliver successful, compliant and cost-effective STAs.

Much like Principles of Global Mobility, whatever the capacity of your involvement in global mobility, this new course will increase your subject matter expertise – so, the question is, why wouldn’t you want to benefit from that?

Who is it for?

Whether your GM programme has an existing short-term assignment policy, or you are looking at reviewing it, or drawing one up from scratch, this course will fuel you with all you need to know to confidently structure remuneration packages and navigate the various compliance challenges – via five bite-size modules covering:

  • Topic 1: Background & context
  • Topic 2: Compensation
  • Topic 3: Support & benefits
  • Topic 4: Payroll considerations
  • Topic 5: Compliance considerations

Here at ECA this course is now also part of the onboarding process for most of our new joiners – that’s how much we believe in the quality and benefits of our own product!

When and where do I complete this course?

Whenever you want, wherever you want. Our online training is offered on-demand, meaning you can start and complete the modules when and where convenient for you.

Learners are given access to the training course for ninety days (from when you first go to access the course, not from the day of purchase). With its modular design, you can then work through the content at your own pace, stopping and restarting as it suits your schedule. As for where, whatever works for you! Whether that’s at your workplace, your kitchen table, or while enjoying a pain-au-chocolat in your local café.

On top of your newfound knowledge, you will also receive a certificate upon completion.

Sounds good! How much does it cost and how do I get access?

Contributing to the development of industry knowledge through training has always been important to us at ECA. To help as many global mobility teams and their relevant colleagues develop their skills and expertise, our online training courses are competitively priced and offer fantastic value for money.

You can view the fees, find more information and buy access to the course here.

If you have any questions about the training or anything else, please just drop us an email or give us a call!


You can find information and purchase our online training courses here. In addition to online training, we also deliver classroom courses (currently in Asia only) as well as in-house sessions tailored to our clients’ own policies and priorities.

We also provide insights and advice on a wide range of global mobility topics through free resources available on our website here. Make sure to follow the ECA blog to stay updated on new posts (available to in-house mobility professionals only). Our blog includes the Mobility Basics series, perfect for those new to mobility or needing refreshers on key mobility concepts.

  Please contact us to speak to a member of our team directly.

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