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ECA’s Tax Reports are practical guides to the personal tax and social security liabilities on employment income, providing all the information needed to undertake hypothetical tax calculations. They can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription.

Using our Tax Reports will enable you to reduce costs by gaining an understanding of the tax and social security regime before discussing a specific assignment with your tax advisor; quickly tailor your hypotax calculations to the circumstances of your assignee population; explain the tax and social security situation for both expatriates and local nationals, and understand when individuals become liable to tax.

ECA's wide ranging and respected tax data is also available in our Tax Calculator and other assignment salary calculators, including our Assignment Management System, ECAEnterprise.

Tax Reports contain:

  • Full details of what constitutes taxable employment income and how to calculate the taxable value of benefits-in-kind
  • Example calculations for a variety of scenarios to help you understand how the tax system works
  • Summaries of administrative procedures – must an employer withhold tax? When must a tax return be filed?
  • The countries with which double taxation agreements and reciprocal social security agreements have been signed, to help understand how dual liabilities can be reduced
  • All the details required to estimate the costs you may be undertaking on behalf of your assignees when applying tax management policies

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