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Tax Calculator


ECA's Tax Calculator is designed for use by international HR managers who need to consider the tax implications of international transfers and review local tax and social security provisions, but who aren't necessarily tax experts. You can easily explore multiple tax scenarios for both local and expatriate staff and improve compliance with this powerful tool, which:

  • ​Produces both gross-to-net and net-to-gross calculations
  • Offers either ECA standard assumptions or tailored assumptions for individual calculations
  • Handles assumptions such as pension contributions or benefits-in-kind
  • Comes pre-loaded with ECA's wide-ranging and respected tax and social security data, including state and regional taxes
  • Performs calculations for various family scenarios, including single parents
  • Creates clear but comprehensive calculation and assumption reports

ECA’s tax and balance sheet calculators are great time-savers for me, and I know I can rely on the data in them. Added to that, the quality of the support I get from the team there is exceptional. I see them as an extension of my team.

- Ashley Fernandes, Reward Manager, Coats International

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